Colonial Cousins

Colonial Cousins


“We love jamming and exploring different sounds and when something amazing comes out of it, it doesn’t feel like we’ve worked.” Colonial Cousins

Colonial Cousins are one of India’s leading and highly respected music duo. Hariharan and Leslie Lewis, who form the Colonial Cousins, jammed up to record their first album, eponymously titled, in 1996.

The album broke all records including hitting platinum sales in India. The duo also won the MTV Asia Viewer’s Choice Award and the US Billboard Viewer’s Choice Award.

Their fusion of Indian and Western music started a new genre of music and instantly won millions of followers across the world.

As ghazal singer for over two decades, Hariharan is well versed in Carnatic and Hindustani music. Besides releasing several ghazal albums, Hariharan has also lent his voice to many Hindi and Tamil films, and ended up winning several awards including the National Award as Best Singer for his song ‘Mere Dushman Mere Bhai’ from the film Border.

Leslie on the other hand has always been composing ad jingles, albums for other singers, etc. He created a hit with a successful remix album called Asha Bhosle’s 'Rahul & I'. Besides being a music composer, he is also a singer, with his first solo album 'Haseena' being released under the Polygram label. Leslie also did the music for the extremely popular album 'Pal' for the indi-pop artist, KK.

Though they sung mostly in English, the tunes and feel are Indian. There`s so much variation in every song, using blues, rock, folk and even techno beats with classical music. The sound is trendy but traditional. It`s Pure Indian Classical. It`s Modern Jazz. It`s not just a fusion of sounds... It`s the magic of the Colonial Cousins.

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