Maand or Mand is Rajasthan’s most refined style of folk music that can be called as special contribution to the classical music of India. It was usually sung by Nomadic singers or appointed court singers.

Some rulers of Rajasthan encouraged folk Musicians and singers and gave them allowances to live a happy life. One such ruler was Maharaj Ganga Singh (1880-1943 ) of Bikaner . So folk Music had royal patronage for survival.

You have Maands sung in Jaipuri , Bikaneri, Jaisalmeri and some other styles . Rajasthani folk songs come with amazing range and variations in ascending and descending notes.

Maand neither accepted as a full-fledged Raga nor is it reckoned among the freely rendered folk songs. It is quiet similar to the Thumri or the Ghazal. Maand singers contribute a lot to the classical music of India with their Rajasthani folklore.

Some famous Mand singers are:

Padma Shri Allah Jilai Bai from Bikaner, Mangi Bai Arya from Udaipur (awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award-2008) and Gavari Bai (Also known as Gavri Devi) from Jodhpur (awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award-1975-76 & 1986).