Manganiyar Classroom

Manganiyar Classroom


“There’s something intrinsically beautiful in their type of singing. They sing from their heart and they are seamless. They are, I would say, blessed in a way.” Director Roysten Abel

Manganiyar Classroom is a theatrically inspired staging that brings together 28 boys aged 8-16, all from the community of Manganiyars, from Rajasthan.

The Manganiyar were musicians who used to be a part of royal courts, before falling prey to hardships of life. Legends have it that Manganiyars pass on the knowledge of their art to generations of protégé through songs and music. These songs form the oral history of the Thar desert in Rajasthan, which they inhabit.

These kids are the inheritors of that threatened musical traditions. Through their act they battle hilariously with the rigid conformity demanded of the classroom but where a joyous and exuberant musical celebration triumphs. It is also director Roysten Abel’s way of providing a future for these young artists; the project directly funds a school for Manganiyar children.

The hour-long musical Manganiyar Classroom, aims to bring the glorious musical reserves of this community to the forefront.