Sonam Kalra

Sonam Kalra


“A Sikh girl singing gospel in a seemingly Islamic space, is nothing but a message that talks about the power of music.”

“I wanted to create a sound that showcased the beauty of the space and blended all faiths, as an acceptance of humanity.”

Sonam with her soothing music and inspiring songs like “Bol Maaye” has found a place in the hearts of music lovers.

Sonam belongs to a very encouraging and supportive family who motivated her to pursue her dreams. Since her childhood she has been drawn towards music when she and her mother listened to Begum Akhtar. She holds a degree in graphic design and fine arts from the Delhi College of Art.

Sonam has learnt Gospel and Jazz from Ashley Clement and classical opera under tenor Hur Chul Young and soprano Situ Singh Bueller.

Sonam has featured on MTV’s Coke Studio, worked with phenomenal names like Sir Bob Geldof, Sufi Legend Abida Parveen at Muzaffar Ali’s World Sufi Festival Jahan-e-Khusrau and has performed for legendary musician Sting.

Sonam has been recognised and appreciated for her extraordinary and all inclusive definition of Sufism and her message of Peace and Oneness has made her a popular voice at prestigious festivals and venues around the world

Apart from singing she has worked as an Art Director, anchored two travel shows for BBC and Star World, was a voice host for common wealth games in year 2010 and also is the voice for Discovery Channel and Indigo Airlines. She is a National award winning actress.

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