Susheela Raman

Susheela Raman


“I don’t perform in any given fashion just because there is an expectation of that. It has to be spontaneous”

“I’m always striving for expression that could go beyond gender, beyond ethnicity,”

Susheela Raman (born 21 July 1973) is an acclaimed British Indian musician. A fearlessly innovative vocalist and composer whose music knows no borders move between genres, across frontiers into new spaces with uncanny ease. Raman is known for energetic, vibrant, syncretic, and uplifting live performances built on the sacred Bhakti and Sufi traditions of India and Pakistan. She has studied with Bauls in Bengal, Sufis in South Asia and having benefited from the tutelage of Tamil Nadu devotional matriarch Kovai Kamala.

With several albums to her credit she is about to release her seventh studio album (‘Ghost Gamelan') a collaboration with virtuoso gamelan (a traditional instrumental ensemble in Java and Bali) players and is known for her beguiling and her incandescent and otherworldly stage presence. She has performed live with her ‘Ghost Gamelan Orchestra’ at Roundhouse, London. Musicians from South and South East Asia, West and East Africa, Russia, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa have all featured in her collaborations, including their own recent multi-artist creation, ‘Sacred Imaginations’ at the Barbican in 2017. Serious ongoing collaborations include Russian polyphonic singers, Byzantine chant, Indian folk and classical virtuosos, Contemporary string players, and Pakistan’s very finest Sufi Qawali singers.

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